​​​​​​​​​​Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to view my work.

​My name is Rachel Israel. I am a Miami based events and portraits professional photographer.

My love story with the camera started as a child! I used to take my parents camera and document

my family and class trips! I could  spend hours and hours looking at family pictures, arranging them

and crafting photo albums.


20 years ago I purchased my first SLR  camera while traveling in India!

I continued photographing people and landscape around the world, include in Paris,

where I lived for 5 years ! In Paris I also enriched my education with art studies!

8 years ago my husband gifted me my first professional Digital SLR camera ...

I documented my kids growth and started shooting events and portraits in Miami. 


I'm always learning and improving my professional skills.

In photography the sky is the limit!

I have a certifications in Digital photography, Photoshop and

Paloma Schell Newborns workshop and I'm a member of the

PPA - Professional Photographers of America.



As a photographer it's important for me to photograph you in an authentic,


sincere and artistic way. I bring all my photography and art knowledge and

put all my Heart into my Art!


No matter if it's a portrait session or an event, I love to tell your story throw the images

and the albums!!

My photo style is a mix of:

Candid: captured in the moment.

Artistic: focus on composition and details. 

Classic: when looking directly at the camera.

My objective is to capture images that evoke a feeling and trigger a memory

that will ​bring your special moment to life again and again!


In our digital world, when everybody keeps images on their computer and phone devices,

It's very important for me to help you to get high-end fine-art print products and albums

that you will enjoy seeing everyday and will last for generations.

​Please feel free to get in touch with any questions about my photography work.


I look forward to having the opportunity of photographing

the best moments in your life.

Rachel Israel











​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rachel Israel photography is offering professional photography and videography services

to cover any type of event!

My team members Gustavo and Elieth bring their tremendous experience,

practical knowledge and dedication to our customers complete satisfaction.

Feel free to contact us with any question!

We would love to help you to capture your special events and milestones!



Booking: rachelisraelphotography@gmail.com

Miami 305-788-1032

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